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Real estate careers are exciting and challenging.

There are a variety of different roles in real estate. In all of them you’ll need to enjoy dealing with people and to have the commitment and patience to make the buying, selling or leasing process as stress-free as possible. There are three main types of careers in real estate:


While the financial rewards in a real estate sales careers can be great, so can the demands on your time.

Most people want to talk to you about buying or selling a home in their spare time – that is, after hours. So you need to manage your time and be prepared to work some nights and weekends.

You’ll need to have obtained your Agents Representative Certificate before you can be employed in a sales capacity in real estate.

If you’ve got enthusiasm, determination, initiative, intelligence and a dedication to providing service, then you’re well equipped to build a successful real estate sales career.

Some of the duties of a sales person can include:

  • appraising properties.
  • listings properties for sale.
  • marketing properties.
  • seeking out and introducing buyers.
  • offering advice on real estate market conditions.
  • arranging and overseeing inspections.
  • negotiating sales.
  • communication with sellers, buyers and legal representatives.


Careers in Property Management can be challenging but very rewarding. 

As a Property Manager, you’ll be responsible for managing your landlords’ investment properties. You also need to look after the needs of your tenants.

To do both these tasks well is very challenging as it requires balancing and meeting the needs of two types of customers – but it is possible.

You’ll need organisation, tact, excellent people skills and a thorough knowledge of the applicable legislation.

Some of the duties of a property manager include:

  • qualifying and selecting tenants.
  • collecting rent.
  • arranging repairs.
  • marketing the property.
  • negotiating leases and rent reviews.
  • advising property owners on market rents.
  • representing the property owner at tribunal hearings.

For many years, property management was regarded as a good ‘stepping stone’ for careers in sales and marketing.

Property Management now widely recognised as an attractive, long-term career option in its own right.


There are several administration-based careers in real estate, including:


Often known as the “Director of first impressions”, receptionists need to be expert jugglers.

You’ll be answering the phones as you talk to people who have just walked in off the street wanting to inspect homes. Reception is usually the first point of call for someone who has a problem.

Your duties may include following up solicitors for documentation, talking to suppliers about orders, as well as handling mail, filing and bookings for meeting room/s.

It’s a role that requires a “can do” attitude, warm personality and first class customer service.

Sales Support.

You’ll be liaising with clients and supporting sales agents with their administration, ensuring that all the relevant paper work is done correctly. This role requires strong organisation and time management, attention to detail and excellent people skills.


The role of a bookkeeper or accountant in real estate is the same as it is in any industry. There are accounts and salaries to be processed and paid, records to be kept and there are financial returns to be prepared. And then there’s trust accounting… sale deposits from buyers and payments from vendor’s for advertising – this money must be meticulously handled. This is a role that requires a high level of accuracy and attention to detail.


No one is going to buy a property that they don’t know is for sale. That’s where marketing comes in. A Marketing role in real estate is quite diverse, it can involve design work, liaison with suppliers, editorials, booking and placing advertising, managing online advertising and social media. It’s a role that requires creativity and organisation.

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