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Suburb profiles

Get to know more about over 100 different suburbs across Melbourne, Regional Victoria and in Adelaide.

We've put together some handy suburb profiles to give you more of an insight into the different areas and regions. You'll also find some useful statistics including population, median prices, annual price changes and more.

Bayside living

Life by the bay varies from peaceful seaside suburbs like Rosebud, to thriving and action-packed metropolis' like St Kilda.

Blue Chip

Well established and coveted suburbs with strong demand, a history of sustainable property growth, good schools and transport links.

Country life

Looking for fresh air, open spaces and slower pace - a country lifestyle awaits!


We've listed some suburbs that have a great range of exciting things to do... You'll never be bored living here.


Suburbs that are great for raising a family, with excellent schooling options and all the conveniences a family could want within close proximity.

Food lovers

Looking for a delicious location, a foodie hot spot? There are definitely some suburbs that stand out for their culinary scene.


We've hand-picked some suburbs where the locals are super friendly and everyone knows everyone (well nearly).


These suburbs have a flourishing sub-culture, associated with alternative music, arts, organic and artisanal foods and alternative lifestyles.

Inner city living

Looking for a vibrant inner-city lifestyle where every convenience is right at your doorstep. We've shortlisted some inner-city suburbs.

Mountain living

Beautiful vistas from mountain ranges, fresh air, water and hiking opportunities... there's so much to love about mountain living!

Peace & quiet

If it's peace and quiet you're looking for, a laid-back small town vibe, then look no further than these beauties.

Pet friendly

Ever wondered which suburbs boast a great life for pets? Well we've selected a range of suburbs that have a pet-friendly atmosphere.

Sports & recreation

If you're a sports nut then living in a suburb that has great sports grounds, gyms and facilities and more will probably be important to you.

Fishing & boating

Explore a range of areas where there are some great spots for fishing or boating activities nearby.

Sea change

If you're looking for a sea change check out our top picks for a carefree beach-side lifestyle.

Shopper's dream

Life in these suburbs offers pretty much everything to meet your shopping heart desires.

Tree change

Do you need get away from the buzz of the city or suburbia? Check out these beautiful green places - where life is tranquil.


If your a fan of a suburb that is uber trendy, fashionable and jam-packed with great cafes and beautiful people, then here are some spots for you.

Urban living

Looking for a great location with all the conveniences that's close to the CBD? Then look no further...