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A clean property appeals to tenants

A rental property should always be presented in clean condition and in good repair…yes, always.

If you give people the impression that no one cares about a property, this is an open invitation to tenants who won’t care about the property either. When you think about it, would a clean and tidy tenant really want to live in a property that was dirty, or had appliances that were run down and faulty? Of course not! As a landlord, it is a wise investment to ensure that everything possible is done to attract the good tenants and create a perfect match.

When you think about it, by setting the right standards of presentation at the start of the lease, you are effectively setting a standard of how you expect the property to be presented at the end of the lease as well.

It is also worth remembering that sometimes these things are best assessed by an independent observer with a broad awareness of what is acceptable in the wider rental market.

So if you would like some experienced expert advice on the presentation of your rental property, why not give your local Barry Plant a call?