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Is this the future of housing?

With so much talk about making the process of home building more affordable, it was interesting to see that an innovative new way of building has been finding its feet in China using, of all things, the latest 3D printing technology!

It’s been known for a while that several European companies have been exploring the potential for 3D printed construction, but judging by the pictures that are emerging from China, a Shanghai-based company called Win-Sun Decoration Design Engineering seem to have taken the lead in this area. Win-Sun made news back in March 2014 when they were reportedly able to build 10 homes in 24 hours using 3D printer technology. What’s more, they were able to do this at a cost of around US$5,000 per house!

However, word has now reached the world that the same company has now used this technology to build a 5 storey apartment building, and the impressive looking house in the picture above.

Apparently these were built with giant 3D printers using “ink” that is a mix of cement mix and construction waste. Obviously, this type of construction is still very much in its infancy, and has a long way to go before it might be considered a mainstream building technique. However, when you consider the time savings (and therefore reduced labor costs) that it offers, not to mention the benefits of recycling building materials, it will be interesting to watch where this idea goes.