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How to turn buyers away

Have you ever wondered what the biggest turn-offs are for today’s home buyers?

A recent survey by a Finance Company of 1,000 house hunters asked the question to find out, and the answers are quite interesting.

The survey found that the biggest turn-off named by buyers was the smell of cigarette smoke in a home, with over 69.1% of buyers mentioning this as a major problem.

The turn-off factor was even stronger among younger buyers, with 71.9% of those aged 25-34 mentioning cigarette smells.

Pet smells were much further down the list, being mentioned by just 53% of buyers.

The second biggest issue for buyers was a busy road (named by 65.8% of buyers), whilst dirty houses came in third at 61.6%.

Given that kitchens and bathrooms are often regarded as the two “deal-breaker” rooms for buyers in any property, it was interesting to see that dated kitchens and bathrooms were only mentioned by 45% and 42% of buyers respectively.

The important thing to remember if you are selling is that it is important to see your property through the buyer’s eyes, as anyone who lives in a property for a length of time tends to overlook many of the little things that buyers will pick up on immediately.

If you are thinking of selling, feel free to ask for our objective advice at any time.