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Preparing your home for a spring sale

Here are 8 things you can do to improve the odds that your home will stand out among the new listings flooding the spring real estate market:

1. De-clutter. Put as many of your personal items away as you can - you will have to pack to move house anyway, so why not get a head start?  Don’t forget the outside entertaining areas and yards. 2. Check your street appeal. It’s important to look at your property from the road and make sure it has curbside appeal. Ensure lawns are mowed and the gardens are tidy and free of weeds. If your gardens need some extra care and attention you can look at engaging a landscaper or gardener. 3. Hire a handy man. Walk around your property with a handyman and list all the defects that need to be rectified before the sale such as patching cracks in the walls, leaking taps, loose fittings and creaky doors. 4. Paint. Have a good look at your property inside and out to see if it needs a fresh coat of paint. If it does, ensure you keep the colours to neutral tones as it will appeal to more buyers. 5. Spring clean. Clean your property from top to bottom, including the windows and window coverings. 6. Replace old carpets and/or floor coverings. Tired and worn floor coverings will not sell a house and it is money well spent to update them before putting your home on the market. 7. Consider a qualified interior designer / property stylist.  They can give you valuable advice on presenting your home to achieve a maximum price. 8. Have fresh flowers on display during open for inspections.