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Ten home office tips to attract buyers

One of the most significant changes to society as a result of the COVID pandemic has been the switch to working from home – and all the signs indicate it’s here to stay.

Research shows working more from home allows us to enjoy a better work life balance and few miss the wasted hours and money spent commuting.

In real estate, an increasing number of buyers are now qualifying prospective properties not just on property size and the number of bedrooms but also on whether it has a home office.

A great approach to creating an office in your home is to put it somewhere else – like your garden. There are some great garage conversations and studio-style rooms that have been used exclusively as an office or for an art studio.

Below we’ve listed some ideas for a home office that you can locate in a quiet, unused corner of your garden. A space as small as 3m x 3m will give you sufficient area to do something special.

This project will not only provide a fantastic sanctuary for your work or a hobby but increase the value and attraction of your home to prospective buyers when you’re ready to sell.

  1. You’ll find it easier to maintain a work and life balance if your home office is separate from your home.
  2. You won’t be disrupted by interruptions and background noise – a real benefit if you have a young family. And it’s a private space where you can have Zoom meetings and phone calls in peace.
  3. Even though space might be small, make a floor plan before you begin to avoid expensive changes down the track.
  4. Check you can connect all the necessary services needed for an office. A good internet connection is vital, of course. Consider additional cabling from your home. It would be best to connect to a wi-fi-enabled modem in your office. You don’t need an IT guru as an electrician can do this for you. If you’re close to the house, you might be able to use a wi-fi extender.
  5. Double-down on power points for your computer, screen and to recharge phones and gadgets.
  6. Thoughtful lighting design is essential in an office. Consider lights in the ceiling that can be controlled with a dimmer switch. And make sure you have a suitable lamp desk.
  7. Consider installing a reversible air-con unit to cool and heat as required. An uncomfortable working environment will drive you back into the house.
  8. Once you’ve put in your services, you can line the walls and paint it to your taste.
  9. Choose your office furniture carefully. Avoid buying a desk that’s too big for the available space, as you’ll feel cramped for room. A comfortable chair is essential.
  10. Make the office inviting to visit by painting the exterior and surrounding it with shade trees where possible.

Article courtesy of Active Pipe