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Tips for being mentally and physically healthy while staying at home

Australians are doing a wonderful job of staying at home for the good of the whole community.

While there’s every hope that restrictions will be eased a little over the coming weeks and months, at the moment the majority of us are stuck at home.

Stay connected

Whether it is colleagues you normally share office space with, family that you just can’t see at the moment, or friends – take the time to phone them, email them and enjoy online catch-ups.

Set a schedule

Have a plan for each day and follow it – routines are great for providing a level of comfort in these difficult times.

Eat healthily

It’s so tempting to eat as a way of overcoming boredom and take-away can be appealing with its convenience and level of comfort it provides. While it’s great to support local eateries who are trying to stay in business, look for the healthier options on the menu.

Stay active

Depending on the weather you can go for a walk, run or bike ride outside (following the rules), or if you are confined indoors, run on your treadmill, do some yoga or do a home workout. There are lots of online resources that will guide you through whatever session you choose.

Be selective in where you source your news

There are a lot of websites out there with sensational headlines just begging to be clicked on. This can lead you down a dark hole of scary news that probably isn’t correct. Choose reputable sites to get your updates – ABC News, the Federal Government, your local State Government.

Learn a new skill

If you have the time, this is a great opportunity to either learn a new skill or hone a current one. Many organisations and institutions are offering free online courses at the moment.