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Barry Plant's Leadership Conference - Hong Kong 2011

At Barry Plant’s management meeting on Thursday morning our Managers got a taste of the forthcoming Leadership Conference which will take place in June (in Hong Kong).

There was a fascinating lion performance with drums from Hong De Lion dance troupe

History of the Lion Dance

If one traces back to the roots and history of lion dance, one would discover that lion, the animal itself, did not exist in China. The "Lion" itself, was a creature that people worshipped as Gods, to rid of illness, droughts. The history of Chinese worshipping animal creatures as Gods can be tracked back all the way to the Hang Dynasty.

The Origin of Lion Dance

A long long time ago, a creature called "Lian", would haunt the villages every year on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Although Lian did not harm people, it would destroy all the crops in the village. One year, the villagers had enough and needed to take action. They gathered everyone around, with farm tools as weapons. They also used bamboos, paper meshes, multi-coloured cloths sew together to make a lion, and banged drums, cymbals and gongs, as well as lighting firecrackers to scare Lian away. Since then, Lian did not return. From then on, the villagers turned this into an annual event and gave each other red packets as a way to wish each other a good year ahead.