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Buying during the Coronavirus emergency

If you are keen to buy a property, we still have an array of properties in all price ranges available.

Can I still buy a property during this time?

Yes, people are still selling for a variety of reasons and while our lives have all changed, life still does go on.

We are well-positioned to assist you to find your dream home. We have a full suite of innovative technology to allow you to vet a range of properties from a distance, create a shortlist and then inspect.

Make sure you sign up to new property alerts on our website and if you subscribe to our weekly newsletter, you’ll be alerted to all of our new listings plus any price reductions or sales results.

Call our office or agents directly to talk about what you’re looking for, they will work with you to find a property that suits.

Private inspections

We are able to organise private inspections for you of a home that appeals to you. An appointment will be made and only the agent and one other person may enter the home at a time.

What about the risk of exposure to Coronavirus during a private inspection?

The health and safety of our teams, our clients and the general community are vitally important to us. Before you will be allowed to attend an appointment you will be asked to confirm that you are well and have no reason to believe they have been exposed to the Coronavirus. Your agent will also need to confirm that they are well and not a risk. As will all the occupants of the home you are going to inspect.

We will have hand sanitiser available for you to use before entering and after leaving the property. We will ask that you don’t touch anything while in the house and will ask you to maintain the recommended social distancing at all times.

What about virtual inspections?

If you would like to “see” the property without physically attending we can arrange for the agent to take you on a tour of the property using Facetime, Messenger, Zoom or any of a range of video conferencing platforms. You can talk to the agent while the tour is in progress and ensure that all the areas you are interested in are covered.

How do I bid or make an offer?

If the property is being sold by auction, it will be via an online auction platform where you will be able to put in your credentials and bid – as many times as you like – during the conduct of the auction. All bids are recorded.

If the property is being sold by Sale by SET DATE or private sale, you may be asked to use an online bidding platform that preserves your privacy but gives transparency on the offers to the vendor. Best bet is to speak to the agent that is managing the property to find out how you can make an offer.

Safe, secure e-document signing

From making an offer to signing the Contracts of Sale we have the ability to provide an electronic method of signing documents that is secure and legally binding.

We’re here to help you buy

If you have any general questions about our procedures, just call your local office. If you are interested in a specific property, contact the agent whose details are on the marketing.

We are here to help you realise your real estate dreams while keeping you safe and well informed.

For more information about buying a property download our Buying Guide.