Chat with us, powered by LiveChatHow is the current Melbourne Metro lockdown affecting real estate?

How is the current Melbourne Metro lockdown affecting real estate?

If you're in Melbourne, you'd be well used to lockdowns by now, this being our sixth since the Covid pandemic started.

With each lockdown, Barry Plant comes up with even more innovative ways that we can continue to provide our clients with a safe, smooth and stress-free real estate experience - helping them to make their next move, whether they're buying, selling or renting.

Here are some of the ways we've adapted our services:

Property Appraisals

Even during lockdown people are still making plans, those plans can include moving home; upsizing, downsizing, tree-changing or sea-changing. You need to know how much your home might be worth to make viable plans. Even though we can’t meet with you and inspect your home, we do have a very thorough process to appraise your property virtually. If you'd like to find out what your property could be worth in today's market, give me a call, or visit our website to request an appraisal from your local Barry Plant office.


We can attend the office for the purposes of completing property settlements and end of lease agreements, such as handing over keys. Our team members will be wearing a mask and will only meet with you if they are well, and have not knowingly been exposed to Covid.

If you are meeting with an agent or property manager, we ask you to wear a mask and maintain a safe 1.5-metre distance. Please also bring a phone to check in with a QR code and your own pen to sign any documentation that may be required.

Our team are always available to help you via phone, or email.


Property Auctions may still take place during the lockdown period, however, they will be online, rather than attending in person. We have been seeing outstanding results with online Auctions, which are proving to be just as successful as in-person Auctions. On Saturday 7th August, one of our online Auctions had an amazing 160 people attending to watch the Auction and multiple bidders, leading to a result above and beyond expectations.

Property Inspections

We cannot conduct physical inspections during lockdown but talk to me to see if there's a video or virtual tour available for any of our listings that may be of interest to you or to organise an inspection when the restrictions have been lifted.

Urgent Repairs

Emergency repairs for rental properties will be carried out. Anyone experiencing an urgent issue should contact their property manager.

We are still open for business

Our Melbourne Metropolitan offices might be closed during the lockdown, but we're still open for business. Our team are set up to work from home and ready to assist you with all of your real estate needs.

If you're looking for real estate advice, contact one of our offices today.