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Is this Springvale's luckiest house?

The stars have aligned to put what could be Greater Dandenong’s luckiest house on the market. To the uninitiated, 8 Ruby Place Springvale is a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house, close to shops and public transport...

But according to Chinese numerology and astrology the street number and prized red gemstone are signs of good luck, fortune, health, intelligence and leadership.

Barry Plant salesman said street numbers played an important role in Greater Dandenong’s property market. “A lot of people come for the number,”

“Not just this one, but all homes (with number eight). “We’ve had a lot of inquiries, more than 40 people have seen Ruby Place. Most are Chinese.” Mr Nhan said street numbers tended to generate more interest than feng shui design principles. “Feng shui you can change,” he said.

“People have asked me ‘can we change the number?’ for some of the homes.”

As far as unlucky numbers go, the agent said Asian buyers had avoided a similar house, in a nearby street, at number 14. Numbers 4 and 14 are considered unlucky in Chinese, Korean and Japanese cultures as they are similar in sound to the Mandarin and Cantonese words for “death” and “certainly die”.

Another agent played down the impact of lucky numbers - “Eight is lucky for some - it’s not lucky for all people,” he said.

“Indian people don’t like number eight, they like number seven.”

In China, people pay extra to have number eight put into their phone numbers and on their licence plates.

Source: Leader Newspaper