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A long term digital vision puts Barry Plant ahead of the curve

The Barry Plant Group has been actively developing Complete Digital, an end-to-end digital sales solution for a number of years, and with the current lockdown settings in Victoria, their foresight has allowed their offices to efficiently pivot to a potent combination of digital and virtual offerings for vendors and buyers alike.

Pioneering a CRM agnostic approach many years ago, in conjunction with a centralized data management hub, today Barry Plant offices have a wide choice of industry CRM’s platforms and complementary technologies that best suit their size, budget, needs and preferences. This approach and a centralized data management hub enables the Barry Plant Group to rapidly adopt new technologies whilst ensuring seamless connectivity and information flow across all the technology platforms used within the Barry Plant network.

Barry Plant has also adopted a supplier agnostic approach to the adoption and use of virtual technologies, including digital proposals and authorities, video tours, 360-degree virtual tours, auction and offer management, contracting and payment platforms giving offices a full range of choice in the technologies and suppliers that suit their particular markets.

Another piece of the plans is a partnership with digital conveyancing partner Settle Easy to offer customers a simple, transparent, affordable conveyancing solution that is delivered through a fully digital platform that allows customers, agents, sales administrators and conveyancers to contribute to and monitor the progress of each transaction throughout the settlement process.

Starting with a push for serious data collection and management some years ago, Barry Plant offices can now slice and dice their data, mix it with other available industry data and their local knowledge to be able to provide unique market insights and informed off-site appraisals.

Barry Plant recently launched Rebot, an AI and machine learning bot that automatically identifies and pairs property ownership data with contact names in a database together with details on how long the property has been owned and the purchase price of the property. This highly accurate information has already identified thousands of new prospect properties for contacts in databases where agents had lost track of people or the relationship between people and the property owned by them. Rebot will relieve agents of the need to manage data, so they can focus their time on building stronger relationships with their customers.

Barry Plant, in conjunction with our property marketing suppliers, and VPA Funding providers ListSure and Convini, are working on the development of an innovative property marketing and finance offer that will assist customers to bring their properties to market at both a reduced cost and risk. This will provide a vital service to clients whilst supporting Barry Plant suppliers in the recovery period after lockdown.

Barry Plant CEO, Mike McCarthy, is very pleased with how their technology strategy has unfolded.

“When we devised this plan, it was with the aim of providing better systems for our agents and an improved experience for our clients. The advent of the Coronavirus, and the subsequent shut down provisions that we are all operating under, has meant that we are reaping powerful, unforeseen rewards. As a company, we are very well positioned to provide safe, effective real estate services for all those people who still want and need to buy and sell property during this time.”

He added, “The willingness of our people to embrace all the initiatives we’ve introduced has allowed them to meet the current restrictions on their businesses with an extremely positive outlook. I was heartened by the general optimism that is in place across our group and believe that what we have put in place will contribute to helping our agents and suppliers rapidly grow their businesses after this health crisis passes.”