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Don’t let politics ruin your sale

With the official start of the Spring selling season now just over a week away, many local home owners will be thinking about making a move to their next home over the next few months...

If that sounds like you, you may be wondering about picking just the right time to put your property on the market in order to achieve the best possible result. Now, it’s important to remember that there is no single answer that applies to every case. However, as we pointed out in our most recent Market Update in the local paper, there is a very strong argument for making that move as soon as possible, and it has to do with politics.

We shouldn’t overlook the fact that the Victorian State election is scheduled to be held in late November this year. And if you think back to past elections, (both State and Federal), you’ll very quickly realise that there is inevitably a lot of mud-slinging and scare-mongering that goes on in the lead up to the poll.

What many people don’t realise is that all this negativity can have an effect on people’s confidence, which may in turn encourage them to put off buying a property until after the dust settles. But with the election date being late November, that won’t leave a whole lot of time before everyone goes into Christmas mode.

So if you’re planning a sale in 2014, our advice is do it sooner rather than later so you can make the most of the current market strength, without the political distractions.