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What’s with the checklist?

As we touched on briefly in last Saturday’s Market Update, we have had some queries from a few buyers over the past week or so regarding the new Buyers’ Checklists that have been on display at our Open Houses since the start of the month.

Unfortunately these new Checklists were introduced by the Department of Consumer Affairs without much effort to inform the public about their use.

They are designed to remind buyers of some of the issues that they may need to be aware of when buying a property. The checklist aims to help you identify whether any of these issues will affect you by raising a series of questions that might encourage you to seek professional advice if you are unable to answer some of them.

Whilst we will have these checklists available for buyers to pick up when they attend any of our Open Houses, you can also download one via the Consumer Affairs website, which you can access direct by CLICKING HERE...