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A fresh new identity for the Barry Plant Group.
Barry Plant Group  |  7 February 2017  |  Category: Media Release

A fresh new identity for the Barry Plant Group.

The Barry Plant Group announced the launch of its new branding, to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2017, at the Annual Barry Plant Kick Start conference today.

Victoria’s number one real estate network has made subtle changes to its logo over the years, but this is the group’s first major update since 2006. The new look is fresh, contemporary and sophisticated, broadening the brand’s appeal and versatility across all demographics and markets. It will ensure that Barry Plant remains at the leading edge in Victoria’s real estate market and provides a platform to fulfil the Group’s goal of taking their brand to new markets interstate.

“The new branding is an evolution, not a revolution,” says Group CEO, Mike McCarthy. “Our goal was to evolve our brand identity to accurately reflect our group’s values.”

In order to identify the group’s core values, the branding was workshopped amongst all levels of the Barry Plant Group, from principals to receptionists, and in consultation with branding experts.

“Our values were summarised in these words: Barry Plant: Delivers. Excellence. Together,” Mike says.

Spiro Drossos, principal of the Group’s top office, Barry Plant Manningham, is thrilled with the new look.  “It’s eye-caching and modern.  I like the brand’s elegant and clean feel for our property advertising and that it focuses on making sure that our client’s properties are showcased in the best light.”

The Barry Plant Group has consistently held Victoria’s top real estate spot and it is a position they have achieved by always delivering their longstanding trademark “Red Carpet Experience”, but the slogan itself won’t be carried through to the new branding.

“The Red Carpet Experience philosophy will continue,” Mike says, “but because it’s so ingrained in everything that we do, we believe there is no need to have it as part of our logo.”

“Barry Plant is already a leader, but we believe this brand evolution will take us to the next level in the market place,” says Mike.


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