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Preparing your Rental Property for Winter

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17 May 2023
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As we roll through the month of May, renters need to start thinking about preparing their rental property for winter.

With the days getting shorter, the weather getting a little wetter and nippier, and the calendar ticking over to almost June, that means the start of winter is almost upon us!

So what does this mean for renters? It means a whole new set of considerations when it comes to your rental property. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get your rental property ready for the winter months.

Don’t let autumn leaves become a hazard!

It is vitally important and the responsibility of renters to have their gutters cleared of leaves that have fallen in the autumn months. It is very risky for any renter to get up on a ladder and do it themselves (with a greater risk of falling and serious injury), so don’t leave this task to others and do it yourself.

Aside from the injury risk to renters, it’s a smart move to clear the gutters to avoid any blockages, particularly with the higher chance of rain in the winter months. Gutter blockages are the main source of internal leaking and flooding in homes, so avoiding this at all costs is crucial.

Check for leaks

If you have your plumber or handyman’s number on hand, give them a call and have them come down to check for any leaks. Have them take a walk over the roof to inspect its condition and if there are any loose or cracked tiles or any part of the roof that has come adrift, have it repaired to avoid a disaster once the winter rains pour down.

A clear fireplace is a good fireplace

You work hard sourcing firewood and kindling a beautiful roaring fire, only to open the door to find a billow of smoke coming out. This isn’t an unusual scenario! In your rental property, renters are obviously more likely to be using a wood fireplace or slow-combustion heater during the winter months, so it is critical to ensure you check the flues to make sure there are no blockages. A standard chimney sweep every couple of years should do the job!

Slippery when wet

Certain sections of concrete around a property can be prone to becoming slippery. It’s a good idea to gurney or pressure clean the concrete before winter to make sure there's no mildew, mould, moss, or anything that can grow and make the surface dangerous. Again, the winter months usually brings with it quite a bit of rain, making surfaces more slippery and dangerous.

You also have the option to paint the concrete with a little bit of sand, which is something you can purchase at any Bunnings or hardware stores. This will also prevent slippery concrete surfaces when they become wet.

Don’t forget about the garden

Making sure your garden is in order and clear of any potential hazards is another task to undertake as we head into winter. Have a good look around to make sure there are no large or dangerous-looking trees that could topple over and hurt someone in severe winds or storms. It’s also important to trim large trees so they don’t cause any damage to the roof or gutters.

It’s always a good time to check the smoke detectors

As part of the changes to the Residential Tenancy Act, smoke detectors need to be checked by a licensed electrician every 12 months in a rental property, so make sure you tick that box if you haven’t already. Why not make the start of winter the time each calendar year when you have your smoke detectors tested?

General interest
17 May 2023
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