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More updates on rental regulations

A few weeks ago, I published an update on the proposed changes to regulations affecting residential tenancies in Victoria and promised to add to that information at a later date. Well, here’s the second half of the information I mentioned.

Keep in mind that these changes are still a proposal at this stage, and could still change if enough people raise their concerns about their impact.

  1. Modifications to rented premises

It is proposed that the following types of modifications can be carried out by a renter without the consent of the rental provider:

It is also proposed that a rental provider cannot unreasonably refuse consent for a renter to carry out (and pay for themselves) the following types of modifications:

  1. Liability for utilities

In additional to responsibilities for utilities set out in the Act, it is proposed to prescribe the costs and charges with respect to the initial installation of internet (including installing internet through the National Broadband Network) and telecommunication connections to the rented premises.

Charges in relation to septic tanks and water cartage also apply.

  1. Maximum bond amount

It is proposed that where a property’s rent is $900 per week or less, the bond will be limited to one month’s rent. Rental providers may require a bond that exceeds one month’s rent where the weekly rent is above $900 per week.

  1. Compensation for sales inspections

Another contentious proposal is that compensation be paid by rental providers to renters for each time a property is to be made available for a sales inspection. The proposed amount has been suggested at one half days’ rent for each inspection period.

As mentioned in the previous update on the proposed changes , the outcome of the draft regulations is scheduled to be finalised and released in April 2020, ready for implementation alongside the amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act on 1st July 2020.

I will, of course, continue to provide you with any further updates as they come to hand, however if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your Property Manager for assistance.


Sam La Spina

Rental Director