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Presenting a home for maximum results

For most of the homeowners in Melbourne’s north-west that were planning on selling this Spring, the release of last week’s ‘road map’ has meant putting those plans on hold until some point in October, when individual property inspections will once again be allowed.

Right now, we are a little unsure about whether this easing of restrictions will occur after October 26th, as scheduled last week, or a bit earlier (as has been hinted at during the week by some sections of the Government). Only time will tell.

What is very clear, however, is that the next few weeks will provide anyone with ambitions to sell in 2020 with an enormous opportunity to tackle all those little jobs around the house in order to maximise your presentation, and therefore increase the positive impact your property will make on buyers as soon as they are able to come and inspect it.

The first step in preparing your property for sale is to determine what will make the biggest impact on your buyers, (and just as importantly, what won’t). Our team at Barry Plant Caroline Springs and Taylors Lakes has years of experience in assisting people to prepare their homes for sale, particularly given our extensive knowledge of which buyers your property will suit, and what the key attractions will be for those buyers.

With this in mind, we would suggest that you have a chat with us before you carry out any major redecoration or maintenance tasks. Given the current social isolation rules, we are able to consult with you remotely, enabling you to “show us through your property” via a video link on your phone or tablet. You may find that we can also recommend some small, inexpensive ways of making your home more appealing and more saleable.

We have also put together a downloadable guide to presenting your home which even includes a section on Feng Shui for those who are interested in exploring this ancient Chinese philosophical approach to the way your property works. If you’d like to read through this information you can download it by CLICKING HERE...

If you’d like to have a chat with one of our team about presenting your home for sale, or perhaps get an updated Virtual Appraisal so you can approach your property sale with the latest market data, you can still reach us on 9307 4000.

Best wishes,

James Hatzimoisis & John Aaron Nakic

Directors – Barry Plant Real Estate

Caroline Springs, Taylors Lakes & St Albans