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Ten suburbs tell a timely tale

The smiles on the faces of numerous homebuyers told the story this weekend, with the return of Open Houses providing more buyers with an opportunity to explore the properties that were available for purchase in these interesting times.

Sure, there were limits on the number of people who could be inside each property at one time, the shortage of available property for sale was still a source of frustration, and all of the hygiene rules were being strictly applied, but it was clear that quite a few buyers were happy to see our Open House signs popping up in a few streets around Melbourne’s north-west.

Perhaps the most interesting statistic for anyone keeping an eye on the local property market is that despite all the challenges that the Covid-19 situation has provided, people are still clearly prepared to buy property when the right opportunity arises.

For example, our team currently has properties in ten different suburbs under contract. These properties include:

  • Albanvale;
  • Caroline Springs;
  • Delahey;
  • Hillside;
  • Keilor Downs;
  • Kings Park;
  • Plumpton;
  • St Albans;
  • Sydenham; and
  • Taylors Hill.

In fact, several of these suburbs have multiple sales contracts in place, including St Albans and Sydenham with three each, and Hillside with a remarkable six contracts. We’ve even seen examples of properties being sold and settled within 14 days, like the property in Keilor pictured above!

The message here is clear…if you are considering making a move right now, the chances are that there are multiple buyers out there looking for a property just like yours. So why not give the team at Barry Plant Caroline Springs and Taylors Lakes a call on 9307 4000. A terrific sale could be just a phone call away.


James Hatzimoisis & John Aaron Nakic

Directors – Barry Plant Real Estate

Caroline Springs, Taylors Lakes & St Albans