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Department Manager

With over 12 years of customer service experience, Sabrina focuses on building trust, confidence and goodwill by managing and understanding her clients’ requirements and maintaining high-quality client relationships.

Sabrina has previously worked within the Real Estate industry as a Sales Administrator and a Client Relationship Manager within a commercial setting where she demonstrated her ability to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures. She is very well organised as well as dedicated, passionate, energetic and strongly motivated to succeed. Sabrina is an excellent communicator, determined to see tasks through to a satisfactory conclusion, and very well organised.

With a passion for travelling, Sabrina has been to Paris 5 times and loves Chanel and anything French provincial. Sabrina comes from a Mauritius background and is fluent in French, which made her travels to Paris a breeze.

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Barry Plant
Yarra's Edge

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Barry Plant

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