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Celebrating re-shaping real estate at Barry Plant Manningham

08 August 2017
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A fleet of limousines lined up outside the Barry Plant Manningham office was the first clue to the team that their evening to celebrate their extraordinary 12 months results was also going to be extraordinary.

And it was.  Director, Spiro Drossos, had carefully selected the venue, the magnificent Eureka 89.  “The Eureka building broke through traditional barriers when it was built and boldly led the way in re-shaping Melbourne’s skyline.  I believe my team has also broken through traditional barriers and is helping re-shape the future of real estate.”

It had been an exciting 12 months, with the management team working hard to create an infrastructure to support career growth and to harness and develop the talent that would build the business and drive it’s growth.  “It’s about investing in people in a way that is supportive and mature in its approach,” Spiro says.  “We are all about modern leadership – coaching, mentoring and continuous training to allow our people to be the best in the industry.”

“We have leaders in all areas of the business,” explains Spiro.  “Each member of the team has a leader’s attitude.  They are passionate, dedicated and committed to creating a real estate company that is in the forefront of technology, innovation and customer care. Our company doesn’t fit the traditional model and we don’t accept the status quo.  We keep evolving the way we do things and that keeps us ahead of our competition.”

When all the hard work is done and the results are in, the team celebrates its success. Then it’s back to creating great real estate outcomes for all their clients.

08 August 2017
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