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How to get the property you want in today's market.

Real estate & property news
10 November 2018
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You’ve been to dozens of open homes and now you’ve finally found a property you’d like to buy, here are Five tips for making an offer.

1. Have a fair price in mind

Do your homework so you understand what the property is likely to be worth. Keep that figure in mind throughout all negotiations so you stay within your budget.

2. There may not be a second chance

Everyone wants a bargain but if you make a low offer and the seller gets better offers, the agent is under no obligation to come back to you. Consider offering what you think is a fair price.

3. Highest price doesn’t always win

Offers that are conditional, e.g. on finance, selling another property or building inspections may be passed over by the seller for an offer that is unconditional, even if it’s less money.

4. Settlement terms are important

A buyer who can offer a shorter settlement time often has the advantage over someone who needs a longer period.  Time is money for sellers.

5. Put it in writing

Only written offers can lead to a binding contract of sale. Include any conditions, items that you believe are included with the property (e.g. dishwasher) and a settlement period.

If you need to sell your home before you buy, one of our team would be happy to help you put in place a plan to get you the best possible result.

This week’s sales from our team include:

2 Hovea Street, Templestowe

38 Bali Hi Boulevard, Templestowe sold for $1,280,000

2 Furlong Lane, Doncaster sold for $1,570,000

10 Newlyn Close, Templestowe sold for $922,000

5 Clery Avenue, Donvale sold for $1,570,000

230 Thompsons Road, Templestowe Lower sold for $1,050,000

2/1a Souter Road, Eltham

Currently under offer:

186 Whittlesea Yea Road, Whittlesea

12 Gregory Mews, Forest Hill

B.16/170 Manningham Road, Bulleen

15/1 Eastway Avenue, Donvale

B.25/170 Manningham Road, Bulleen

Real estate & property news
10 November 2018
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