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Big week for school arts coming up

If you’re someone who enjoys catching some up-and-coming young artists before they become known, then the next week or so is going to be a big one.

Two of this area’s most highly respected Secondary Colleges will both be holding their annual Arts Festivals, enabling local residents to attend and enjoy the artworks of their students.

On Friday October 12th, Lowther Hall Anglican Girls Grammar School in Essendon will be holding the Opening Night for their four-day Art & Design Exhibition for 2018. Held in the ‘Joan M Garde Cultural Centre’ at the school, this exhibition will showcase works by the students from kindergarten level through to VCE, and will run from Friday 12th through to Monday 15th.

Meanwhile, over at Ave Maria College, the highly-regarded Secondary College for girls in Aberfeldie, their annual Arts Festival will be opening on the following Wednesday, (October 17th), at 6pm. This event will include a range of attractions from visual arts and live performances to a fashion parade.

If you are currently weighing up where you would like your daughter to pursue their secondary schooling, (particularly if your daughter is interested in the arts), then events like these are an excellent opportunity to take a look at how these schools perform.

For further details, you can go to:

Lowther Hall website

Ave Maria website