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Property Manager

Anastacia is a seasoned real estate professional with a background in the industry. She honed her skills over a six-year tenure at a small family-run business, where she developed a deep appreciation for the personal connections that real estate fosters.

Anastacia’s passion lies in property management, where she finds immense satisfaction in delivering exceptional customer service and managing rental providers properties. Her dedication and drive to become the go-to property manager is her standout quality.

Beyond real estate, Anastacia boasts a diverse range of interests. She has a deep fascination with Japanese culture and anime, which she enthusiastically explores during her free time. She is an adept cook, with a mission to accommodate her family's various dietary requirements, making every meal an inclusive experience.

Anastacia's nurturing spirit extends to her role as a dedicated dog mum to two cherished companions—a lively Border Collie and a loyal German Shepherd. Her love for his pets reflects her commitment to fostering lasting relationships, a quality that defines her approach in both her personal and professional life.

Primary Location

Barry Plant

03 9373 0000

Local offices

Barry Plant
Gladstone Park

03 9330 1088

Barry Plant
Keilor East

03 9319 1700