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Property Manager

Raman is a dedicated professional with a diverse background, combining nine years of experience as a high school teacher, later transitioning to real estate in 2020. This unique blend of skills and expertise drives her passion for property management.

Her transition to real estate was motivated by a desire to forge new connections and cultivate relationships with a wide range of individuals. Raman thrives in the property management sector, finding fulfillment in gaining the trust of both rental providers and renters, orchestrating seamless operations, and multitasking with meticulous organization.

Raman sees real estate not merely as a job, but as a pathway to making a significant, positive difference in the lives of her clients.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Raman finds joy in the culinary arts, often experimenting with various cuisines. She also unwinds by immersing herself in movies, music, and embarking on long drives, cherishing the moments of relaxation and leisure with her family and friends.

Primary Location

Barry Plant

03 9373 0000

Local offices

Barry Plant
Gladstone Park

03 9330 1088

Barry Plant
Keilor East

03 9319 1700