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Concerns raised about latest restrictions

Whilst all of us are doing our best to deal with a very different style of Easter this year as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown, some Melbourne homebuyers will be losing sleep this weekend as a result of the latest restrictions which caught everyone by surprise when they were announced late on Thursday afternoon – just as everyone’s focus was turning to hot cross buns.

Whilst the real estate industry had adapted to the requirement for all property inspections to be undertaken as private inspections, Victoria’s chief health officer banned private inspections of any home where people are residing. This decision was communicated through the Consumer Affairs website on Thursday afternoon, and included the statement that if the owners of the property vacated the property temporarily so that buyers could look through it, they would be in breach of the stay-at-home rules that are currently in place.

Unfortunately, these new restrictions have the potential to leave hundreds of Victorian homebuyers without a place to live. For example, if you are one of the many Melbournians who purchased your next home in the past few weeks, and now need to sell your current residence in order to complete the move, you are probably wondering how any potential buyers are going to be able to inspect your property in order to decide whether to buy it.

Whilst there are tools like an online virtual tour available to assist buyers, the fact is that many buyers will be reluctant to commit to a purchase of a property that they haven’t actually been inside.

Make no mistake, as you can see from the photo, people still want to buy and sell property. However, the importance of obtaining experienced advice and guidance has never been more apparent. So, if you are considering making a move, be sure to talk with the team at Barry Plant St Albans first on 9367 7044.


John Aaron Nakic & James Hatzimoisis

Directors – Barry Plant Real Estate

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