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Time to map out your own plan

Now that the official ‘road map’ for the residents of Melbourne has been released, many residents of the City of Brimbank will be doing their best to set some kind of clear plan in place for the rest of the year and beyond.

While some of the details of this road map will only become clearer as time passes and the daily virus figures trend lower still, what is clear to all of us is that each and every one of us has a choice. We can either allow the current situation to force us to sit on our hands and do nothing, or we can find a way to move forward with our own plans in a way that still follows the social isolation restrictions.

With this in mind, here’s some figures that might give you some food for thought. As you may have seen in the video that we published through our social media channels during the week, whilst Melbourne has been finding its way through the Stage 4 lockdown, the property market has still found ways to accommodate people’s desire to move. For example, in the past two weeks alone, the Barry Plant group has...

  • Helped 185 home buyers negotiate the purchase of their new home; and
  • Helped 185 home sellers to achieve a property sale when they probably thought they couldn’t;
  • Assisted 247 home buyers and 247 home sellers to complete a successful property settlement;
  • And helped 728 property owners get a clearer picture of their own plans for the future by providing a detailed Virtual Appraisal of their property, (without having to set foot through the door)!

When you look at these numbers, it’s clear that while our current situation in Melbourne is anything but ‘normal’, people are still achieving their goals when they approach the property market with a flexible approach and a fair degree of determination!

So whilst this week’s road map may mean that physically inspecting a property might not be possible for a few months yet, the world of digital technology has opened up a number of different ways for buyers to explore what is currently available just as it has opened the door for local home owners to put their property in front of the most motivated of home buyers without having anyone actually step through the door.

So if you are focused on bringing your future plans to reality as soon as possible, can we suggest you give one of the team at Barry Plant St Albans a call this week to discuss what your plans look like and what the best ways might be to achieve them. You can still reach us any time on 9367 7044.


John Aaron Nakic & James Hatzimoisis

Directors – Barry Plant Real Estate

St Albans, Taylors Lakes & Caroline Springs