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Big numbers confirm buyer confidence

If you’re someone who likes to stay up to date with what’s happening in the local property market by following these weekly posts, you’ll already know that we’ve been saying that the real estate market in Melbourne’s northern corridor has been far more active than many people realise.

This is particularly the case if they have fallen for the trap of believing some of the misguided scaremongering in the media over the past month or two.

So, if you missed the latest news that the Barry Plant group published on the back page of the Realestate lift-out in this Saturday’s Herald-Sun, (May 23rd), it is worth noting that our network successfully sold 405 properties during the month of April.

That’s right, despite all the challenges provided by constantly changing rules on Auctions, Open Houses and property inspections that occurred during April, our group assisted over 800 buyers and sellers to achieve their property goals and to move on with their lives.

That’s a statistic that all of the team at Barry Plant Thomastown are immensely proud of, particularly when it occurred in a market that so many people assumed had slowed substantially, or even ground to a halt! Clearly it hasn’t.

In fact, as we have reported in recent weeks, market activity has steadily increased since early April, with attendances at Open Houses being quite strong right across Melbourne.

Indeed, one further sign of confidence in the real estate market can be seen in the increased activity of property developers recently. You only have to turn to the business pages of the daily papers this weekend to read about the strong competition between these buyers for prime sites around Melbourne.

So the simple message for anyone considering making a move in the current climate is that if you want to sell or buy and take that next step in life, the team at Barry Plant Thomastown is ready and able to assist and advise you along the way. Why not give us a call this week on 9466 3233 to talk about your options?


Con Constantinou

Barry Plant Thomastown