Exclusive Preview

A strategic way to market your property.

When you sell your home using our Exclusive Preview method, you are marketing directly to all our website visitors, our significant database of buyers and social media followers, saving you money on a more extensive marketing campaign and with a great chance of finding the right buyer.
How does it work?

By using our Exclusive Preview we create curiosity about your property for all of our website visitors and promote your property to our significant database of buyers, plus it allows us to promote the property to our social media followers. That’s a lot of people who might be interested in your home.

We’ll need you to provide us with some photos (we’ll brief you on what buyers will be interested in seeing) and we’ll write a description of your property based on a conversation with you. That’s all we need to start getting people interested in your property.

When we list your home using Exclusive Preview your property will appear on our website and in weekly customer emails with a darkened out photo that just hints at what your home looks like and shows the suburb – no street address - building curiosity.

Interested buyers are prompted to sign in to our website to gain access to full details about your property, providing your agent with their contact information for following them up to assist and to answer any questions.

We can also generate interest for your property by promoting it as “coming to market soon” through social media, encouraging people to sign-up through our website to discover more. Our email technology recognises when we already have someone’s details giving them access to the full details of your property without the need to sign in again to our website.

We use this process as a way of seeing if we can find buyers who will pay the price you want, without you having to pay for a full marketing campaign. Usually, we require professional photography and a photo board outside your property to maximise the leads we receive. But we believe that during the unique circumstances of this lockdown, our pared-down version of our Exclusive Preview allows you to get a head start on marketing your property for a very small outlay.

What are the benefits?
  1. In combination with professional photography, a real estate board and social media marketing, your property can be affordably marketed to a broad audience of prospective buyers.
  2. You aren’t paying for a full marketing campaign, and, if priced correctly, there’s a good chance you will sell.
  3. Exclusive Preview allows you to test the market before investing in a full marketing campaign.