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There are many different paths to your goal

If you’re a regular reader of these posts, you’ll be aware that I regularly point out that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to achieving a great sale result in the City of Hume.

City of Hume continues to attract buyers

One of things we have learned over many years of successfully assisting the homeowners in The City of Hume with their real estate plans is that there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

Is a career in real estate for you?

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First home buyer numbers on the up

There’s been quite a lot of talk recently about the challenges that first home buyers face in the current market, with a combination of the temporary rise in interest rates, higher property prices and increasing rents all making an impact.

Property sellers reaping big gains

There are a lot of different statistics that float around that try to provide insights into the property market from one month to the next. Sometimes those stats can provide quite different perspectives on what, at first glance, can seem like the same sources of information.

Another 100pc result has locals smiling

Once again, we saw further confirmation this week of the popularity of the City of Hume property market among the homebuyers of Melbourne.

Positive signs continue to shine through

It’s been another positive week for the property market in the City of Hume. The weather may be continuing to show less of the Summer of past months and more of the cooler days to come, but we are continuing to see more good signs in the local market, both as far as sales results are concerned and on the general news front as well.

The more things change…

If you’re someone who keeps an interested eye on the property market in general, and the local market in the City of Hume in particular, you’ll know that residential housing is something that experiences interesting changes in fashion on a fairly regular basis.

Easter: A time for chocolate…and planning

Greetings. I hope this week’s Update finds you and those you care about enjoying a relaxing and enjoyable Easter weekend.

Local sellers enjoying 25% bonus

Whilst there were variations in the strength of competition at some of the auctions this week, the recent run of largely competitive bidding at well attended auctions continued for most of our auctions across the north-west of Melbourne this week.

Market entrants driving market growth

It was interesting to read the latest monthly property market data from Corelogic during the week which confirmed a lot of the anecdotal evidence we have been seeing ‘on the ground’ in the City of Hume in recent months.

Buyer confidence matching Moomba’s fireworks

Perhaps it was the appeal of watching the fireworks, parades and hopeful 'birdmen', but there was certainly a desire among a few of the buyers we were talking to this week to make early offers and try to conclude negotiations before the long weekend started.

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