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Getting your head around a new road map

Real estate & property news
06 September 2020
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There were quite a few Victorians who assumed that when the Stage 4 restrictions were introduced in August, the entire property market in Melbourne would come to a complete halt. However, if you saw the video we posted through our social media channels during the week, you’ll already know that this is definitely not the case.

The fact is that while all of us in Melbourne have been focused on finding our way through the challenges of social isolation, the property market has still found ways to accommodate people’s desire to move. In the past two weeks alone, the Barry Plant network has...

  • Assisted 185 home buyers to successfully purchase of their next home;
  • Meaning 185 home sellers achieved the sale they wanted when many said it couldn’t be done;
  • Helped co-ordinate a smooth property settlement for 247 home buyers and 247 home sellers;
  • And helped 728 property owners achieve a clearer picture of their plans for the future by providing a detailed Virtual Appraisal of their property, (without needing to step through the door)!

Numbers like these make it clear that while our current situation in Melbourne is certainly challenging, quite a few people have still been able to achieve their property goals. The key ingredients here seem to have been a clear plan, a willingness to embrace flexibility in order to achieve their goals, plus a fair degree of positivity!

Of course, now that we have a new ‘road map’ that sets out the path ahead for many Melbourne residents, (even though that path looks fairly bumpy for many of us), many of our readers will be wondering about the best way to achieve their own property goals when physical property inspections remain on the banned list for several months to come.

The key fact in the statistics above is that almost all of these results were achieved without any physical inspections at all. Digital technology has enabled home buyers to explore what is currently available for sale without leaving their own living room, whilst vendors are able to put their property in front of the most motivated of home buyers without having anyone step past their front gate. Is it ideal? Certainly not…But where there’s a will there’s still a way.

So if you are focused on bringing your future plans to reality as soon as possible, can we suggest you give one of the team at Barry Plant Moonee Valley a call this week to discuss what your plans look like and what the best ways might be to achieve them. You can still reach us any time on 9319 1700.

Best wishes,

Bill Karp

Director – Barry Plant Real Estate

Keilor east & Essendon

Real estate & property news
06 September 2020
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