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Calculators and Financial Tools

To help you plan your finances, we've put together a collection of calculators that will allow you to work through a number of scenarios – from budgeting to leasing equipment to mortgage affordability.

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Home Loan Calculators

Introductory rate loan calculator

Work out the repayments on an introductory rate loan.

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Loan repayment calculator

Calculate monthly loan repayments based on a property price and interest rate.

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Loan comparison calculator

Compare loan repayments for two separate interest rates.

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How long to repay calculator

Find out how long to repay a home loan.

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Split loan calculator

Calculate the fixing part of your loan, while retaining a variable interest rate for the remainder of your mortgage.

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Reverse mortgage calculator

See how much equity you can access in your home and calculate the costs of the loan.

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Interest only mortgage calculator

Work out your repayments on an interest-only home loan.

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Lump sum repayment calculator

Find out how much a lump sum payment on your loan will save you.

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Buyer Calculators

Property buying cost calculator

This handy calendar will help you work out the costs involved with buying a property.

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Deposit savings calculator

Work out how long it will take you to save for a home deposit.

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Borrowing power calculator

Find out your borrowing power for a loan.

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Stamp duty calculator

Work out stamp duty that would be payable on a property that's of interest to you.

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Home Owner Calculators

Home loan offset calculator

Estimate how much interest you’ll save by using your savings to offset your home loan.

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Extra repayment calculator

See the difference additional payments will make with your home loan.

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Compound interest calculator

See how much your savings can grow over time.

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Property selling cost calculator

Find out how much it will cost to sell your property and see where to save.

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Other Calculators

Leasing calculator

Calculate the repayments on a financed vehicle or equipment.

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Budget planner

Use your income and expenses to plan your spending.

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