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Understanding Property Ownership: Joint Tenancy vs. Tenancy in Common

When it comes to property ownership, understanding the nuances between joint tenancy and tenancy in common is paramount. These two common forms of property co-ownership offer distinct rights and responsibilities, particularly in the event of a tenant's passing.

Navigating Stamp Duty Exemptions in Victoria

At Barry Plant, we understand the financial considerations that come with purchasing property in Victoria. Stamp duty is a significant factor in these transactions, but did you know that certain categories of buyers may be eligible for exemptions?

Thinking of adding someone to your property title in Victoria?

This is a common step for couples buying a home together, but it can be for other reasons too. Here's a friendly guide to help you navigate the process in Victoria.

Master Your Finances: Proven Strategies to Slash Monthly Expenses and Accelerate Savings Growth

Embarking on a journey towards financial freedom requires diligence, strategy, and a keen eye for opportunities to optimise your financial health. At Barry Plant, in collaboration with Inovayt Finance, we're committed to helping you achieve your financial goals.

Unlocking Financial Opportunities: Top Reasons to Refinance Your Home Loan in 2024

Are you looking to make smarter financial moves in 2024? Refinancing your home loan could be the strategic choice you've been searching for.

10 insights into the investment property market

As the year draws to a close its good to reflect on the property market for investors. Although there have been some challenges there are also some real positives for investors.

Bushfire information

What you need to know this summer season

What does warmer weather mean for your property?

There is no doubt that as seasons change so do the nature of requests from renters.

What is an insurance limit and sub-limit?

Just what do they mean and why should you care?

Legislative update

One of the changes to the Residential Tenancies Act in 2021 was the introduction of section 330A, what is reasonable and proportionate?

The ingredients that make a good sales agent

Sales is often seen as the glamour role in the real estate industry. We all know sales agents who make big bucks, drive a prestige car and are cult personalities within the industry and the suburbs they operate in. But for every megastar there are hundreds of successful agents who are thriving on the challenges of a sales role, making a decent income and happily driven by a passion for getting the best result for the people they sell property for. Without that last one, you won’t succeed.

Construction costs and inflation - the impact on insurance

We all know factors like vacancy rates, rent prices, interest rates and other trends directly impact the investment property market.

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