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7 tips for the spring selling season

Home sellers
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If your house is going on the market here are some handy tips for selling this spring:

1. Spring clean

Obvious it may be, a clean home should be your top priority. Remove clutter, cobwebs and dust every surface and give floors, windows and mirrors a good clean. A fresh-looking house will be much more attractive to a buyer than one which is dusty and dirty. If you can’t do the cleaning yourself, hire a professional cleaner.

2. The perfect balance

Most houses are over-furnished which causes them to look more pokey than they really are. If this is the case for your home, consider removing some pieces of furniture. Alternatively, if your home is a little too minimalist, consider hiring furniture to make the place seem comfortable and cosy. There are presentation companies that can assist with presenting your home and hiring items required.

3. Finishing touches

This may seem trivial but ensure towels and manchester are clean and neat. Bedrooms and bathrooms can look that much more homely and inviting if there are clean fluffy towels and crisp bed sheets on display.

Another tip, bring a little “spring” inside - arrange bouquets and vases of flowers strategically to showcase the spring season inside your home. For extra ambience some agents may recommend playing café style music, which can make buyers more relaxed when they inspect your home.

4. Don’t forget outside

Once you’ve cleaned inside your house, don’t forget its outside appeal. Many buyers will drive past the home before they consider inspecting the inside, so the view from the street can be very important. Mow lawns, rake leaves, trim overgrown hedges/bushes/trees, remove cobwebs and in some cases you can arrange a professional spray-down of the outside of the home to remove dust and dirt that may have settled over the years.

5. Pretty as a picture

As many buyers will inspect your home first by its photos - quality photography is a must. External shots at dusk can be much more appealing than day time photo shoots - ask your agent what they recommend and look at some similar properties which are currently on the market to see what style of photography works best. Professional photographers will often wet tiles and driveways or move furniture slightly before taking the shot for maximum effect.

6. Remove pets

For open inspections, remove pets. If the house has pet smells, air it out for a couple of days in advance and use an essential oils diffuser, air fresheners or candles prior to the open to give your property a fresh scent.

7. Entice buyers

When you find a buyer who is offering the right price, you'll want to be able to progress the sale as quickly as possible. Some buyers may want shorter or longer settlements and it's worth thinking in advance about whether you would be prepared to agree to that and letting your agent know. This can save time and can sometimes help the agent seal a deal quickly. Provide a thorough list of chattel inclusions and exclusions to your legal representative.

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Home sellers
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