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Butler’s pantry – the room that grew

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From walk-in pantry to Butler’s pantry to fully kitted out second kitchen – the concept of additional kitchen storage space has grown over the last few years.

The Butler’s pantry was born when open-plan living meant that the kitchen was now clearly visible, not a separate room, and people wanted a way to clear their benchtops of appliances, hide food preparation mess when entertaining and just have an out-of-sight room to hold all the items that clutter a kitchen.

Butlers’ pantries range from small alcoves with storage space and a benchtop to the addition of a sink or to the full kitchen kit-out with fridges and dishwashers.

If you are thinking of adding one, there are a few things to consider.


Make sure you have plenty spaced along the benchtop. You’ll be surprised what appliances you’ll unearth from the cupboards and put to use.


Have the shelves built all the way to the ceiling? Those hard to reach top shelves are great for storing items you don’t need often. And ensure that all the shelving is adjustable.


Even with all this additional shelf space, it’s still worthwhile investing in stackable containers, to maximise how much you can store. Make sure they are see-through or well labelled.


If you’re going to install a sink, try and source a deep sink that you can put oven racks and pans in for a good soak. Because the room isn’t on display, you can sacrifice good looks for a more utilitarian depth.

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