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Easy and affordable ways to makeover your home...

Home improvement & renovations
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Considering selling or just want to give your humble abode a little freshen up? You can complete a quick home makeover – and it doesn’t have to be overly time-consuming, difficult or expensive! These quick and easy tips and tricks won't break the bank.

New hardware

Install modern taps and hardware like handles, towel rails, door knobs, and hooks – they’re the small details that add up to a really big difference and are one of the most affordable ways to modernise your home.


Modern lighting is a must and there’s no need to hire an electrician for this easy fix – simply update the fitting you already have. New light coverings can instantly transform the rooms in your home – think lamp shades, statement pendant lights etc.

Splashback update

Replacing your splashback can be quite cost-effective if it’s just a small area – tiles can be as cheap as $15-$20 sq/m if you shop around. Choose the classic subway tile for a timeless look or try a bold patterned tile for a statement look.

Clean slate

Sometimes a decent clean is all your worn facade needs. Break out the high-pressure hose for an industrial-level clean that will take decades off your paths and brickwork.

Get gardening

Fertilise the front lawn, trim any unruly shrubs or add some affordable pine sleepers to trace and define your garden beds. Consider adding some new mulch to the garden for a fast an effective freshen-up.

Clean tiles

Giving new life to cracked, dull or dirty tiles can be a simple weekend project that creates an instant ‘wow’ factor. Existing tiles can be cleaned or re-grouted for a cost-effective, fresh new look that only takes a couple of hours.


Brighten up and modernise your home by giving those old brown architraves a fresh lick of paint. You’ll be amazed at how much of an impact this will make to the look and feel of your home!


How about updating your tired, broken or old letterbox? With a huge and affordable range of styles available at your local hardware store, this is an easy way to make a great first impression (as well as ensure your house number is clearly marked.)

Home improvement & renovations
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