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Four great reasons to upsize your home

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It can be a mistake to assume that owning a larger home will automatically solve issues such as feeling cramped, dealing with clutter or achieving greater privacy.

As experienced local agents, we know that it’s important to prioritise the issues that are driving your desire for a larger home.

Every buyer’s circumstances are different, so you should analyse your situation and visit only those homes that offer the specific features you’re seeking.

Below are the most common reasons why people decide to upsize. You might be surprised at some of them, but they can help be a springboard to clarify your own thinking. If there is anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Family is growing

This is the most common motivation to upsize. You can get away with a smaller home with young children, but teenagers need their own space for everyone’s sake. When searching for a larger home, focus on what will work with teenagers and young adults in the house. Just because it’s bigger does not mean it will meet your needs.

The market is a good investment

With the market powering ahead right now, it’s a great idea to think about a larger home as a long-term, stable investment. Of course, property values fluctuate with economic cycles, but their volatility does not compare with the helter-skelter stock market. By owning a property, you can go on to explore other financial opportunities with greater confidence.

Need to stretch out

If you’ve got toys under your feet, a Lego brick wedged into your in-step, a couch that’s too small and the TV that’s too big, then you’re probably feeling cramped. Being able to walk through your home and enjoy a sense of space is a terrific feeling.

Privacy a priority

Many people will upsize to have some privacy in their lives. A room dedicated to a hobby, or a double garage where you can tinker with engines on the weekend, is many people’s idea of paradise. When a family lives on top of each other, you can find yourself in stressful situations that would never have occurred if you had a bigger home.

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