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Get Your Garden Ready for Spring and Summer: Tips

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Whether you're an experienced green thumb or a budding enthusiast, these friendly and informative tips will help you make the most of your garden and create a flourishing oasis to enjoy throughout the warmer days ahead.

Prune with Precision

As deciduous plants and trees reveal bud swell, take advantage of this time for last-minute pruning. Encourage vertical growth in young trees by removing lower branches, allowing more light to reach your shrubs. Safety first! Identify and trim branches that could pose a threat to children's eyes. If you prefer a privacy screen or want to slow vertical growth, retain lower branches. Before the new growth spurt, give your plants a boost by fertilizing. Opt for a quality product like Dynamic Lifter and apply it before mulching. Native plants have specific needs, so make sure to feed them with suitable native plant food.

Mulch for Success

Mulching is a garden's best friend, especially in the Australian climate. Not only does it keep pesky weeds at bay, but it also retains crucial soil moisture during the scorching weather. Be mindful of your choice of mulch, avoiding large bark chips and recycled wood options that can deprive the soil of nitrogen as they break down, leading to yellowing plants.

Fill in the Gaps

Take a stroll through your garden and identify any bare spots in your planting beds. Some plants can be divided to fill these spaces, but investing in new plants is a great option too. By doing so, you not only reduce weed growth but also keep the soil and mulch cooler during the summer months. Lush, full garden beds not only look aesthetically pleasing but also fare better against the heat of summer. By planting now, your green additions will have time to settle in and thrive through spring, well-prepared for the approaching summer.

Shade for Serenity

Before the scorching days of summer arrive, it's wise to identify areas in your garden that need shade. Consider planting trees strategically to create a summer canopy that provides respite from the heat. Not only will this add character to your garden, but it will also offer a cool and relaxing spot for you to enjoy during the hotter months.

Irrigate Intelligently

As you gear up for the warm season, it's essential to inspect and maintain your irrigation system. Test for leaks and repair any broken or malfunctioning components. Efficient irrigation helps conserve water and ensures that your plants receive the appropriate hydration. During spring, monitor the weather before increasing your irrigation cycle. With stage-two water guidelines in place, responsible water usage is crucial for sustainable gardening practices.

With these helpful tips and the promise of a blossoming spring, now is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the warmer months ahead. Embrace the beauty of nature, and let your garden flourish into a sanctuary of serenity and joy.

Home improvement & renovations
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