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How do I find the right agent to sell my house?

Real estate advice & tips
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Buying and selling is a pretty common practice throughout life, but there are very few things we buy and sell that are worth more than a property or would require a professional salesperson to act on your behalf.

Selling a house is a big undertaking and a huge financial consideration, so whether you are selling an investment property or your family home, choosing the right sales agent is an important decision.

So, how do you decide which real estate agent to choose? Here are eight tips to help find the one for you:


When it comes to finding the right agent, research is paramount. No two agents are the same and it is okay to compare. You need to look into their sales methods, track records and get an insight into how they work. How long they have been working in your neighbourhood, whether they are part of a large network. It’s recommended to check your potential agent’s credentials (which could be a full licence or an Agents Representative certification) before proceeding. It’s also common practice to take recommendations from family and friends based on their experience.

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2. Think local

The sales agent you choose is not just selling the bricks and mortar of the home, they are selling the location. Surrounding schools, local amenities, great walking tracks, convenient public transport and more. So, you want to find an agent who knows the local area like they know the back of their hand.

Being a prominent agent in the suburb, they will have a good database of contacts and will most likely be the well-known face of the community. They will also have a great understanding of what homes are being sold in the area and what other properties you may be up against.

A local agent will also have a better sense of how to price your home, along with similar properties which are on the market or that have previously sold.

3. Get out and about

Visiting local open house inspections will help you put a face to a name you have already spent time researching. Use this opportunity to see how the agent presents an open house and deals with potential buyers. You will get a great understanding of how the agent works and what you can expect if you proceed to do business. It is also an opportunity to meet, get a vibe for the person and exchange contact details.

If you are thinking of auctioning your property, drop in on a few of the auctions that the agent is conducting to see how they are run.

4. Check their results

You are getting closer to choosing the agent that is right for you, so it’s time to look a little deeper at the hard facts. Check out your potential agents’ recent sales and how long were the houses listed on the market. What methods of sale did they use?

Take a look at the properties that sold in your local area in the past six months, comparing both similar and different property types. Have a look at who was managing those properties and check out their latest testimonials and reviews.

5. Test the relationship

Trusting someone to sell your home is a big step and can be quite daunting. You want to feel safe and comfortable with your agent. You will need to have honest and open discussions around finance, so having a good relationship with the agent is important. You also want to feel a good sense of energy and a positive vibe. When potential buyers meet this agent, you want them to feel comfortable and trust in them as well.

Invite agents you are considering to visit your home and talk to you about how they would sell your property. That way you can get a feel for whether they would be someone you would feel comfortable dealing with.

6.Test their local knowledge

If you are looking to sell your home, you should be well informed on how the local property market is performing. Your short-listed agents should provide you with a snapshot of the market in your area and surrounds.  They should also have an insight in the demographics and the sort of buyers on the hunt for homes. Talk to them about future infrastructure which may affect the value of your home, both positively and negatively and potentially your next purchase. Agents that provide a great understanding for all the above, show market and local area knowledge which are both vital when choosing your agent. 

Professionalism and knowledge

They should provide you with a proposal on how they would sell your home, what sale method they recommend and details around how they would attract the maximum number of buyers. Look for agents who have good databases of buyers and an understanding of how social media can help sell your home.

The agent should also provide you with an estimation of what they think your property will sell for. Don’t go with the agent that gave you the highest estimate because that’s not a promise of what they will achieve – the market will decide that. Also talk about what commission they will charge – once again, don’t choose the agent with the lowest commission. You are looking for someone who is committed to getting the best result possible and that means you need a great negotiator – not someone who caves in on commission.

7. Making your final decision

When you are making your decision, choose the agent who has demonstrated success in your area in your sort of property. An agent who presents well, is personable and you feel comfortable in trusting. Someone who is meticulous in providing you with details on how they will go about selling your property and who is transparent on all the fees – including marketing costs. Check their reviews, talk to locals who may know them.

Real estate advice & tips
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