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How to prepare your home for an open inspection

Home sellers
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You only get one chance to make a great first impression when selling or leasing a property.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression when selling or leasing a property.

And a fresh coat of paint or a few humble house plants might be all it takes for possible buyers and renters to show interest, make an offer or put forward their application.

Experts say now’s the time for sellers, who have delayed going to the market because of COVID-19, to ensure their home stands out from the pack when they go to list.

A lick of paint, decluttering, refreshing the gardens, renovating the bathroom or updating a colour scheme are just some projects owners can undertake ahead of the traditionally bumper spring selling and leasing season.

Celebrity Melbourne homemaker and author Chyka Keebaugh says now is the time to “give your home a new lease on life”.

“Why not make it more inviting as we look to hit the market?” she says.

“Without breaking the bank, the simplest of things can breathe new life into tired spaces.”

“Investing in new cushions and throws can brighten up a living room, also add lighter globes in the lamps, it will all tie into the brighter décor and look completely revamped."

The former Real Housewives of Melbourne star says cleaning, decluttering and reorganising cupboards is essential - and won’t cost you a cent.

“Imagine what your house looked like stripped bare and it will give you an indication of just how much cleaning is required,” she says.

“Go through all of the cupboards and sort through things you do and do not need, make space and reorganise the linen, clothes and pantry.”

Cleaning the skirting boards and steam cleaning the carpets goes a long way too, she says.

Renovating also doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Taking the DIY approach can prove rewarding as well as cost-effective. It can also save you waiting on trades to be available.

Those with a bit more cash to splash should consider revamping the kitchen, bathrooms and façade, installing larger windows for extra light, replacing old carpets, and adding more storage to wow potential buyers and renters.

And given the front garden is the first thing buyers will see at an inspection, Ms Keebaugh recommends planting flowers already in bloom, so they are ‘popping for inspection time’.

Home sellers
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