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Is your roof up to standard?

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Taking care of your roof and ensuring it's in good condition is essential, especially with the increasing frequency of extreme weather events.

Here's a summary of the tips provided to help you check for potential roofing issues:

Inspect the Roof Cavity

Use a ladder to access the roof cavity through the manhole in the ceiling. Look for any signs of light coming through the roof tiles, as it may indicate potential leaks.

Check Insulation Batts

Feel the insulation batts for compression, as this could be a sign of water leakage. Look for ugly brown stains on the ceiling directly below, which may confirm water seepage.

Inspect Seals

Check for gaps around chimney seals and air-conditioning units on the roof. Run your finger over the seals to check for moisture, especially important as the AC gets more use during summer.

Clean the Gutters

Regularly clean the gutters outside the home to remove grime, dirt, and plants that can clog the gutter and cause rainwater to cascade down the walls.

Look for Cracks

Examine the tiles, flashing, and mortar for any cracks. Depending on the severity and location, you might need to call in a roofing expert to fix the issues.

Discoloured Roofing

Discolouration on the roof could indicate a loss of integrity. If you notice this, it's best to call a roofer for a professional assessment.

Remove Grime, Algae, and Dirt

Keep your roof clean and free from mould, algae, and dirt to prevent damage to the roofing material.

Inspect External Seals

Thoroughly examine external seals for any signs of damage or cracks, especially on upstairs balconies, where water can infiltrate during heavy thunderstorms.

Consider DIY vs. Expert Help

You can usually fix many of these issues yourself using a caulking gun and silicone to reseal or replace seals or plug gaps in bricks and mortar. However, if you encounter significant problems or don't feel comfortable working at heights, it's safer to call in professional roofers.

By being proactive and addressing any roofing problems promptly, you can avoid costly damages to your home, especially during periods of heavy rain and extreme weather events. Regular roof maintenance is key to ensuring your home is adequately protected from potential leaks and water-related issues.

Home owners
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