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Is selling property over Christmas a good idea?

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The traditional real estate market pause from early December to late January doesn’t mean you have to put your property sale on hold. Our team spends extensive time working with sellers over the ‘holiday’ period to prepare for strong February sales and to take advantage of any active buyers – who don’t stop searching for their new home just because it’s Christmas! Here’s our advice for sellers going into the Christmas season.

Prepare your home for a Sumer sale

If you’re thinking of selling, December and January provide the perfect opportunity to prepare your home for sale, or meet with stylists who can suggest effective ways to present your home to prospective buyers. This is also a great time to call on local agents who can provide expert advice about the property market in your area.

Embrace the summer vibes

Use the summer theme to your advantage. Decorate your home with coastal and beachy accents to create a relaxed and airy atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers looking to enjoy the Australian summer lifestyle.

Showcase outdoor spaces

Highlight any outdoor entertaining areas, pool, or garden spaces as these are highly sought-after features during the summer months. Ensure these areas are well-maintained and staged to showcase their full potential.

Keep the home cool

If you have air conditioning or fans, make sure they are in good working condition during inspections. Consider offering refreshing beverages like iced tea or lemonade for potential buyers as they explore your home.

Offer virtual tours

Recognise that some buyers may be on vacation or travelling during the Christmas holidays. Provide virtual tours or video walk-throughs of your property to accommodate those who can't physically attend showings.

Timing is important

Be mindful of when you launch your marketing campaign. While Christmas and New Year's Eve are busy times for many, starting the campaign in early January can catch the attention of refreshed buyers ready to make a move in the new year.

Stay prepared for an off-market sale

We don’t recommend beginning a public sale or auction campaign until later in January, but if you’re prepared, your agent can list your property ‘off-market’ and contact prospective buyers from their database to inspect by request. In some cases, this results in a quiet, off-market sale, as it’s usually only serious buyers who will make special requests to see the property during this period.

If your property doesn’t sell before the end of January, you’re still in a strong position. As February begins, refreshed buyers will be ready to look for new properties and yours will be ready to advertise and will be one of the first they see.

Be flexible with inspections

Understand that people's schedules may be more relaxed during the summer holidays. Be accommodating with inspection times to ensure you don't miss out on potential buyers.

Leverage social media

Use social media platforms to your advantage, showcasing your property's summer appeal through photos and videos. Talk to your agent about running targeted paid ads to reach a broader audience.

Highlight nearby attractions

If your property is located near popular summer destinations such as beaches, parks, or outdoor activities, emphasise this in your marketing materials to appeal to holidaymakers and locals alike.

Prepare for vacationing buyers

Some potential buyers may be visiting from other parts of the country or overseas during their summer break. Ensure your agent is available to show the property to these buyers when they're in town.

Stay realistic with pricing

While the holiday season can attract serious buyers, it can also be a time when many people are away or focused on other activities. Price your home competitively to attract interest and facilitate a quicker sale.

Selling a home during the Australian Christmas period can be advantageous as buyers may be in a more relaxed and positive mindset. By leveraging the summer appeal of your property and considering the unique holiday dynamics, you can make the most of this selling opportunity.

Get in touch with our team today for more advice about when to put your property on the market.

Home sellers
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