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Six ways to spruce up your garden before selling your home

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Every home seller should aim for the buyers to fall in love at first sight with their property.

Every home seller should aim for the buyers to fall in love at first sight with their property. In a real estate market where there’s competition for buyers, every aspect of your home needs to be perfect, and that includes your garden. The photos that people see online should reveal an appealing outdoor space where they can imagine sitting on warm summer nights, watching their children having fun or their dog running around or gathering with family and friends.

From the first impression, a buyer will get as they approach your property - that street appeal - to their inspection of the rear garden, your outdoor spaces are just as important as the house itself piquing buyer intrigue.

Here are a few things you can do to highlight the beautiful outdoor spaces on your property.

1. Remove the rubbish, cut the lawns

You can take a great first step to improve the appearance of your lawn and garden by removing any dead plants, piles of leaves, stringy weeds, faded pots, old hanging baskets or other rubbish that can detract from your garden’s beauty.

Keeping the lawns cut short and the edges clean is non-negotiable. It would also be an excellent idea to re-mulch the garden beds to give the area a fresh look.

Remove cobwebs from the gutters, around the garage and carport and from fences. Pay attention to the corners of the windows too, as well as removing fingerprints or water splash marks.

2. Prune and trim your trees, shrubs and hedges

Another step to improve your garden before selling is to remove damaged or low-hanging branches, as well as for trim overgrown shrubs - especially those in front of windows, which will make the interior of the home dark. It is essential to prune and trim them not only for a better look but also to invigorate your plants and encourage them to grow. However, keep in mind that in the case of large trees it is best to hire a professional arborist to do any major trimming for you

3. Doors

Outside doors are exposed to the weather and deteriorate quickly. Do you need to replace those doors, or repaint them? Don’t forget to invest in new welcome mats rather than ones that are faded or mud-cogged.

Garage doors also can need attention. If it’s a roller door, clean off any dirt or marks or if it’s a barn-type door, check out how weathered it is and whether it needs a fresh coat of paint.

4. High-pressure clean

If there are gutters, concrete, pavings, bricks, windows or doors etc that clearly need washing, you can make this work a lot easier by investing in, hiring or borrowing a pressure cleaner. A deep clean can give aspects of your property a new lease on life.

While using the pressure cleaner on your walkways, take a look if there are any broken or cracked paving stones and replace them with new ones. This will significantly improve its overall appearance.

If you have a deck, the chances are that a high-pressure clean will do wonders. Carry out any repairs (including hammering down any nails that may have popped up) and, if necessary, give it a new coat of oil, varnish or stain.

5. Pools, ponds, spa and, fountains

Any water feature you have - from a fountain to a swimming pool - needs to be clean and sparkling. Ensure pumps are all working and that your pool or spa fences meet government safety regulations.

Clean decking around pools and spas and ensure any outdoor furniture is clean and in good repair. When your home is on the market, make the effort to set up an outdoor setting that helps people imagine relaxing there. Open any umbrellas, and add pots of flowers to tables either in a rainbow of colours or in shades that match any outdoor cushions. Make sure that any built-in barbecues or sinks are clean.

Invest in a few big pots or urns to plant out with flowering annuals and place strategically on your front porch, your back or pool deck or even either side of your front gate.

6. Repair and paint your fences

While making your garden look fabulous, don’t overlook your fencing. From your perimeter to pool fencing to any brush-type partitions, inspect them and make any repairs necessary. In some instances, if the new repairs are obvious, you should consider re-painting or re-staining the area.

Before each home inspection, trim the lawns, rake up any leaves, remove any pet detritus and ensure your outdoor spaces are welcoming.

Corporate - Home Page
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