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Top 9 tips for renovators

  1. Structural renovations might require approval, so go to your council first.
  2. Use licensed professionals where you need to, with things such as plumbing, electrical works and air-conditioning.
  3. Make sure you ask every possible question and cover all bases.
  4. Factor into your budget a 10 per cent buffer for emergencies, such as price rises or having to repair faulty work, and then stick to the budget religiously.
  5. Go for fixed, upfront quotes from tradies rather than quotes for work by the hour.
  6. Get a home warranty inspection report on work done by owner-builders, which will reassure potential purchasers if you later sell the house.
  7. Check out online sites for second-hand bargains.
  8. Don't overcapitalise, keep resale in mind.
  9. If you're renovating with a partner, make sure you respect each other's opinions. You're in it together, so work with each other, not against each other.

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