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Top tips for moving homes this winter

Real estate advice & tips
12 July 2022
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Moving houses can be a dreaded task for many, here are some common tips for your winter house move.

Moving houses can be a dreaded task for many, it can take a lot of preparation, heavy lifting, cleaning and time. So while you get organised to pack up the home you're leaving, it’s worthwhile putting some extra thought into the challenges that a winter house move can throw up.

Check the weather

While moving house can be a difficult task, moving house on a stormy day can make things very difficult if you’re not prepared. Planning and preparation goes a long way to completing a successful move.

If there's rain on the horizon, you'll need to consider protective plastic sheets and tarps to keep things dry, rain coats, non-slip shoes and so on. Even if the weather is kind and the rain stays away, winter usually means mud, and you don’t want this brought into your new house under the shoes of your home removalists.

Pack some extra plastic sheets or old towels to lay down through the house and ask your helpers to be careful. In addition, we recommend having a mop or some cleaning products handy in case of muddy footprints.

Plan ahead for utilities

Your first night in your new home will be a lot more enjoyable if your electricity is connected. In fact, making sure you have planned the connection of your utilities (including gas and internet) before moving day is important - especially in the cold weather..

Ask your agent if they have a utility connection company they recommend. These companies will handle the connection of all your utilities at once. There is no charge and they have access to some great deals from providers.

Water usage is automatically connected and is transferred at settlement when moving into a newly purchased home. For renters, the water will be organised by the agent.

Weather proof packaging

Anything valuable that could get ruined by rain and wet cardboard boxes - like books, pantry items or clothes - are best packed in suitcases, plastic tubs with lids, or any other waterproof container.

Daylight hours

During the winter months, we don’t have daylight savings to take advantage of. We can expect the sun to go down after 5.30pm, so it’s best to start your move bright and early.

Emergency supplies

You’re going to be tired, cold and maybe wet at the end of your move. Make sure you have all the makings for a warm cup of tea, coffee or instant soup on hand as well as easy access to warm, dry clothes, electric blankets and heat packs.

Finally, take the time to celebrate your move and enjoy the feel of your new home.

Real estate advice & tips
12 July 2022
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