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Virtual inspections – a compelling tool when selling your home

These days buyers are spending time getting as much information as possible about a property before they inspect it. There are a variety of ways they collect this information, but the one tool that is more likely to sway them to turn up for a private inspection is a virtual tour.

The technology behind the 360-degree virtual tour allows buyers to be totally immersed in the home. They can see outside the windows, look at the light fittings on the ceilings, as well as exploring every room in the house. Armed with a floorplan with dimensions on it, plus additional information provided by the agent online, buyers can get a pretty good feel for whether a property will tick all their boxes. Better yet, a virtual tour allows them to view the property time after time, getting more and more excited about what it offers.

For sellers, especially under today’s stay-at-home edicts, a virtual tour is a necessary part of a marketing package. Those properties with a video attached to them get 40% more click-through on the internet than those that just have photographs.

Ask your agent what your options are when you talk to them about your marketing campaign. And rest assured that any access to your property will be carried out with the strictest safety guidelines in place.