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What are the best schools in Keysborough?

Choosing the best school for your children can be an overwhelming decision, with several factors coming into play.

What are just a few things that come into consideration when choosing a school in your area? Parents or guardians may consider school values, their academic virtues and how they support students and families. The suburb of Keysborough is home to a multitude of schools ranging from public to private and from primary to secondary.

Here are a few of the best schools in the suburb with academic, values and connections all considered.

Haileybury College (and Haileybury Girls College)

The Newlands campus of Haileybury College in Keysborough is a private, primary and secondary school. Located on Springvale Road, they pride themselves on the Parallel Education Model, meaning boys and girls share the same campus, allowing them to socialise and enjoy co-curricular activities together but are separated into single-sex classrooms during their middle and high school years. In 2020, they had 51 per cent of students achieve an ATAR of 90 or above and a median ATAR of 91. The Haileybury Newlands Campus includes a concert hall, performance theatrette, lecture theatre, gymnasium and extensive sports facilities.

Haileybury College (and Haileybury Girls College), Keysborough

Keysborough College

Keysborough College is a public secondary school located on Isaac Road, offering a dynamic and vibrant learning opportunity for students. Keysborough College encourages students by providing comprehensive course advice and a special one-week ‘Headstart’ program, before Year 11 and 12 so that students feel fully prepared to tackle their final two years of school. With a diverse cohort of students, Keysborough has both a Chinese Exploratorium dedicated to investigating Chinese culture and language, and Student Leaders Executive which gives students the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership.

Keysborough College

Lighthouse Christian College

Offering the complete educational experience, from an Early Learning Centre to Year 12, Lighthouse Christian College is a private school located off Springvale Road. They pride themselves on being the number one top relational school and have a 100 per cent VCE completion rate. Their early learning and primary school classes aim to nurture students’ abilities through relationship building and facilitating a warm school community. Students in secondary school have the option of learning in the form of VCE subjects or Vocational Educational Training.

Lighthouse Christian College - Keysborough

Sirius College

A private, primary and secondary school, Sirius College seeks to empower students to become critical thinkers and socially responsible individuals. With a number of campuses in Victoria, their Keysborough campus is located off Chapel Road. The focus of the college is to provide a balanced education of academic excellence and moral, ethical values. Students in primary school are encouraged to think independently to acquire critical thinking skills, building a strong foundation for their future schooling. Secondary school students are supported to forge individualised pathways for their future by nurturing resilient individuals and helping them develop their skills. Their STEM program immerses students in these fields and also encourages girls to choose STEM-based pathways.

Sirius College - Keysborough