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Barry Plant Experts Speak at Ideas Exchange

Media releases
20 May 2014
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Two of the most successful and innovative people in the Barry Plant Group have spoken at a leading forum for the real estate industry - imparting their expert knowledge and views to a very receptive and enthusiastic audience of industry professionals, ranging from principals to sales agents.

The Ideas Exchange was held in Sydney on the 6th of May 2014 and in Melbourne on the 2nd of May 2014. Both events featured a range of speakers consisting of top performers and trainers within the industry and provided an opportunity for industry professionals to discuss and share ideas, thoughts and concepts.

Tony Larkin, Barry Plant Group Partner and Manager of Franchise Services and Training at Barry Plant’s Head Office, spoke at the Sydney event. When asked how he went about engaging an audience of over 800 passionate real estate professionals, Tony replied that he focussed on the five key areas where agents can double their outcomes and their income.

“These five concepts are based around self-esteem, self-belief, the motivation behind what you do and undertaking a personal stocktake in order to achieve ultimate excellence and success.” Tony added “It was an exhilarating experience and I relished the opportunity to represent Barry Plant and share my ideas with other industry leaders and professionals”.

James Hatzimoisis, the principal and owner of three Barry Plant offices in Melbourne’s western suburbs, spoke at the Melbourne Ideas Exchange Event. James has nearly 30 years of experience within the industry and has also been involved in establishing a number of Barry Plant offices. He was part of an expert panel that included other leading principals.

“The session was aimed at management level, at principals running their own businesses,” James explained.

“It was a Q&A format with the focus on people, profit and potential. We spoke about generating a supportive and motivating culture in the office and the effect your people can have on the success of your business. People are the most critical element of any business,” James said.

“We discussed how crucial it is to identify potential and promote the opportunities available to your agents by nurturing, training and mentoring them.”

The impact of the rising costs on a business and the effect it has on the bottom line was another discussion item in the forum.

“We identified what costs you need to be mindful of when managing your own business - those often overlooked line items that can leach away profit.”

James thoroughly enjoyed the experience. “The feedback has been great. The audience was motivated and engaged and the session highlighted that all real estate agencies are faced with similar challenges. Hopefully the attendees will take away something from this which will result in a better industry for all of us, and especially for our customer.”

Media releases
20 May 2014
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