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Barry Plant looks to foster next-gen network leaders

09 May 2023
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The network is investing in its future by creating a “sticky” bond between the business’s next generation of leaders and the organisation.

Barry Plant shared it has launched the Elite Collective, an initiative that aims to equip future business owners and leaders within the network with valuable insights, strategies, and techniques to set them up to become the business’s “future lifeblood”. 

Chief operating officer Lisa Pennell explained the Elite Collective members “are a special group of people” who either have a minor equity holding in an office, or are high achievers moving towards the next step in their careers.

“We have a strong cohort of leaders in our network who have been in the business 20, 30 or even 40 years; these are people whose families have grown up together and they are Barry Plant through and through,” she said. 

Ms Pennell emphasised the importance of initiative in achieving their long-term goal. 

“We want our brand to continue to be as sticky as it always has been; our offering to be so good, so revolutionary that this next generation — the future lifeblood of our business — rightly believes that we are their very best option for their business success,” she further explained. 

Elite Collective 1.jpg

Under the program, Ms Pennell shared that members of the initiative are introduced to “like-minded people within the network who they can build relationships with” through a series of “tailored” events. 

But it’s not just about fostering business relationships. Ms Pennell highlighted members of the Elite Collective are also connected with the franchisor team to provide guidance and support in areas such as marketing, finance, and operations. 

“They’ll support each other on their journey, as is our legacy,” Ms Pennell added. 

In April, the Elite Collective hosted its first event featuring Chris Helder, a professional keynote speaker and author who specialises in communication and influence. 

“Chris’ message very much reflected our goal to have our upcoming leaders being authentic and having a greater purpose than just chasing the next dollar,” she commented. 

Following the successful inaugural event, Ms Pennell expressed her enthusiasm for the Elite Collective’s potential to drive meaningful transformation within the Barry Plant network. 

“Our business is rapidly transforming,” she stated.

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09 May 2023
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